What is IVF ?

//What is IVF ?

What is IVF ?

IVF is a popular abbreviation when somebody is talking about having a baby. IVF stand for In Vitro Fertilization. This is a process done out of our body to fertilize a woman’s egg using a man’s sperm. That is what we call “in vitro”. This process is usually conducted as the final fertility treatment when previous fertility treatments do not work successfully. The treatment takes a long way to do, using many standardized steps and processes to get the best result, namely to get “embryo”. If the IVF process is successfully done, then the next step to do is placing the embryo in the uterus to establish the pregnancy. This is what we know as “embryo transfer”.

Mainly, there are five important steps to do in the IVF procedure. They are: healthy eggs stimulation and monitor in the ovaries, healthy eggs collection, protection for sperm, eggs fertilization with sperm in the laboratory and embryo transfer to the uterus.

Step 1: It is important to give a fertility medication to control the production of the multiple healthy and ripen eggs in a woman’s cycle. This action is usually known as ovulation induction. Getting more eggs is necessary to anticipate if some eggs are not good enough to fertilize after the retrieval.

Step 2: Eggs collection is done through a minor surgery and the anesthesia is needed to ease the discomfort feeling during the surgery. From the ovary, the eggs are taken using a hollow needle and this process is called follicular aspiration. For some women, some potential discomfort feelings may appear after the retrieval.

Step 3: For a sterile and successful fertilization, some inactive cells and seminal fluid are removed from the semen or sperm. This process is usually known as sperm washing.

Step 4: The eggs and the sperm are placed in an incubator to enable the fertilization. This process is called insemination.

Step 5: The fertilized eggs are called embryo. In this step, the embryo is ready to place in a woman’s uterus using a speculum to insert in a vagina.

This is usually painless but sometimes it creates mild cramping for some women.

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