With over 300 unique modifiers for planets and the rest of the worlds, over 100 new planetary features, and a similar number of events, this is perfect if you feel like you’ve seen everything in the chunky Stellaris lore book. effect add_modifier = { modifier = "terraforming_candidate" days = -1 } Modifies the fire rate bonus given to smaller fleets during battle. Modifies the resource upkeep of a certain job. *] Mod. In console you can do this with the effect command (with target planet selected):. If a planet is terraformed the deposit features are changed to new ones that allow the same number of Districts to be built. Modifies the influence cost to construct starbases. Modifies the maximum number of a certain district type on a planet. Modifies the build speed of a certain size of ships. They are assigned to country scopes. Very Adds new tile blockers and new armies. Modifies the attributes of a ship. alloys, consumer_goods, energy, engineering_research, exotic_gases, influence, minerals, minor_artifacts, nanites, physics_research, produces, rare_crystals, society_research, sr_dark_matter, sr_living_metal, sr_zro, time, unity, volatile_motes. ANFP: Dynamic Economy Stellaris. 3. arcology_arms_industry, arcology_civilian_industry, arcology_housing, arcology_leisure, city, farming, farming_uncapped, generator, generator_uncapped, hab_commercial, hab_cultural, hab_energy, hab_housing, hab_mining, hab_science, hive, mining, mining_uncapped, nexus, rw_city, rw_commercial, rw_farming_build, rw_generator, rw_hive, rw_nexus, rw_science, cities, hab_energy, hab_leisure, hab_mining, hab_research hab_trade, unity, time, sr_zro, sr_living, sr_dark_matter, society_research, rare_crystals, physics_research, nanites, minor_artifacts, minerals, influence, produces, exotic_gases, engineering_research, energy, consumer_goods, alloys, volatile_motes. icon - A direct reference to a "xxx.dds" file. Question regarding console command for planet modifier. a_star, ai, alpine, arctic, arid, asteroid, b_star, barren, barren_cold, black_hole, broken, city, continental, crystal_asteroid, cybrex, desert, egg_cracked, f_star, frozen, g_star, gaia, gas_giant, gray_goo, habitat, habitat_shielded, hive, ice_asteroid, infested, k_star, m_giant_star, m_star, machine, molten, neutron_star, nuked, ocean, pulsar, rare_crystal_asteroid, relic, ringworld_habitable, ringworld_habitable_damaged, ringworld_seam, ringworld_seam_damaged, ringworld_shielded, ringworld_tech, ringworld_tech_damaged, savannah, shattered, shielded, shrouded, t_star, toxic, tropical, tundra. Modifies the resource production of branch offices. Can only be built on planets with those modifiers. A special variation of static modifiers, except all they have is an icon. Determines the maximum stockpile of a resource. At least some were last verified for, Diplomacy • Federations • Galactic Community, https://stellaris.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=Modifiers&oldid=52237, Modifies research speed for all technologies. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the 4X grand strategy … Press J to jump to the feed. The game auto-generates modifiers for the following elements: 5. ship_classes - only buildable ships have classes, 6. building_tags - build_speed_mult type modifier doesn't have any effect in game except being displayed (obviously not fully implemented.). A. Modifies research speed for overlord or subject for technologies discovered by other empire. Precursor Modifiers are also slightly adjusted as are planet wonders. If you want more of that sci-fi sense of wonder in your game, Guilli’s Planet Modifiers and Features is a supernova of discovery. Modifies the population growth and happiness of lithoid pops. The planet modifiers are not that important. Guilli's Planet Modifiers and Features. Stellaris. Modifies the build speed of a certain building. Description Discussions 14 Comments 4299 Change Notes. 10. resources - these get multiple potential modifiers, applying both to resources defined as is_rare = yes and is_rare = no. 0. Enjoy the game! For those looking to know how just choose a barren planet … growth_from_immigration, growth_speed, growth_speed_reduction, happiness. An Old Galaxy will have more of them. This page was last edited on 21 December 2020, at 09:58. Example: effect add_modifier = { modifier atmospheric_aphrodisiac. Secret and rare precursor planet modifiers. Modifies the time it takes for a pop to lower in stratum. Where X is the ID of the modifier. Modifies the amount of limited buildings allowed on a planet. Modifies the species trait points of Machine species. point_defense, artillery, anti_shield, anti_hull, anti_armor. Tagged: Planet Modifiers - Stellaris mods. In planet scope: add_modifier = { modifier = "terraforming_candidate" days = -1 } Search the event files for examples. Overview. Cheat: effect add_modifier = { modifier X. Modifies lithoid pops' happiness (excludes organics and machines). Question. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Stellaris> Workshop > Guilliman's Workshop > Guilli's Planet Modifiers 2.7. This seems to work with all … 8. special_projects - country/leader scope. August 27, 2017!S+[A&AM] PATCH: Guilli’s Planet Modifiers Mod. planetary static modifiers and some empire static modifiers have this field. (0.10 would be 10 percent faster, etc. Fixes / Military. Check out this mod and modify your Stellaris experience. # Planet Modifiers # ##### acid_jungles:0 "Acid Jungles" acid_jungles_desc:0 "Evolution has produced trees and foliage that exude acids and make the terrain dangerous to traverse or settle in." A modifier is set through various files to influence a scope's gameplay state, be it a country, planet, etc. Atmospheric Aphrodisiac: atmospheric_aphrodisiac; Asteroid Belt: asteroid_belt; Carbon World: carbon_world Each stage lasts roughly 10 years and increases the effects of the previous stage. Adds jobs to a planet based on crime/population; as is done for criminals. Only modifier statements will be integrated. Cheat: effect add_modifier = { modifier X. country_vassal_naval_capacity_contribution_mult. Example: effect add_modifier = { modifier atmospheric_aphrodisiac. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews Stellaris> Workshop > Guilliman's Workshop > Guilli's Planet Modifiers and Features > Discussions. ex_planet:0 "Ex-Planet" ex_planet_desc:0 "The asteroid belt used to be a planet with the promise of life." Description Discussions 13 Comments 4166 Change Notes. Adds/multiplies to the resource production of a country. Planet modifiers. 249k members in the Stellaris community. # Planet Modifiers capital:0 "Capital World" capital_desc:0 "The Capital planet of an interstellar empire is a vast complex of government buildings, bureaus and agency headquarters." Having to memorize these can be quite difficult. Super Planet Modifiers For Player [2.7. Log In Sign Up. This mod improves that by simply doubling all planet modifiers (For example, “25% more mineral” is now “50% more mineral”). Posted by. ——– ——–Introduction——– In vanilla game, the most important property of a planet is its tile size. Reduces the research costs of modifying a species. Want to join the discussion? User account menu. Any modifier block can call a static modifier. ——– ——–Introduction——– In vanilla game, the most important property of a planet is its tile size. Modifies the growth/suppression of piracy. Stellaris Planet ID – Planet modifiers. ), alloys, consumer_goods, energy, engineering_research, exotic_gases, influence, minerals, minor_artifacts, nanites, physics_research, produces, rare_crystals, society_research, sr_dark_matter, sr_living, sr_zro, time, unity, volatile_motes. But not all modifiers require an icon - and those that do require an icon require it only if they are used in code somewhere that applies them as a planet or country modifier (example: on buildings, a planet_class, an ethic etc.). 9. planet_classes habitability - pop/trait/planet scopes - do not require GFX. Modifies the species trait points of Lithoid species. Any way to add a modifier to a planet while in-game? This mod adds 165+ new planet modifiers as well as increase the maximum planet modifier amount to 4. Thank you ! For example, example_sm = 1.5 is technically equivalent to planet_stability_add = 15. It also makes planet modifiers a bit stronger so planets become a true strategic choice to have! World Shaper 2 years … Increases or decreases the influence cost of maintaining a diplomatic relation. DLCs not required. Modifies the range of a planet's ship sensor. Modifies the habitability of a certain planet type. Modifies the energy cost required to start a campaign. User account menu. (grey, blue, purple, pink,..) Planet modifiers also appear on Barren, Frozen, Toxic and Molten worlds and Gas Giants. Compatible with all DLC. 1. Some of them can be removed if the planet in terraformed. B. They are defined at "common/notification_modifiers/xxx.txt". If a modd… 1 Overview 2 Effects 3 Triggers 4 Scopes 5 Modifiers 6 Localisation as a Modifier entry. Modifies the influence gain from fighting a defensive war. Static modifiers consist of modifier statements and additional fields. Modifies the research speed of a specific category's technologies. These planetary features determine the number of District and Districts and Strategic Resource buildings the planet can support. Determines the maximum stockpiles of all resources. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the 4X grand strategy game Stellaris by Paradox … Press J to jump to the feed. Modifies research speed of engineering/physics/society branch technologies . These modifiers can appear at random on any planet outside an empire's home system. Species IDs can be read by hovering over a species in the Species menu. Modifies the resource production of a certain job. Modifies the damage dealt against specific types of countries. Balance / Economy / Gameplay. Event modifiers can only be added by events. Modifies the time required to complete buildings. Anomaly (add) – add_anomaly X: Where X is the name of the anomaly; Opinion (add) – add_opinion X: Where X is the name of the Opinion; Relic (add) – add_relic X: Where X is the name of the relic; Trait to Leader (add) – add_trait_leader X Y: Where X is number or id of the leader and Y the trait id Modifies the hyperlane visibility range of planets. Guilli’s Planet Modifiers For version 1.6+ of the game. This mod adds 165+ new planet modifiers as well as increase the maximum planet modifier amount to 4. Guilli's Planet Modifiers 2.7. Stellaris Planet Classes List. Modifies the number of civics a country can have. Modifies pops' happiness, excluding pops without. Modifies the speed/damage/fire rate of a specific type of weapon based on their type. The engine will find that static modifier and integrate its modifier statements into this block. You can see these in the modifier dump of the setup.log file. Some of them can be removed if the planet in terraformed. With this mod, you will have the ability to enact one of three decision on your planets that will enable one of three possible OP planet modifiers. Increases or decreases the opinion decrease from insulting an AI empire. Adds to the number of ascension perks an empire may have. Atmospheric Aphrodisiac: atmospheric_aphrodisiac; Asteroid Belt: asteroid_belt; Carbon World: carbon_world Modifies the energy cost to recruit/maintain an army. Thank you ! Spider parasites, I mean.. SPIDER PARASITES!? 2. affluence_center, akx_worm_3, alpha_hub, amusement_megaplex, ancient_control_center, ancient_cryo_chamber, ancient_palace, artist_patron, autochthon_monument, autocurating_vault, betharian_power_plant, bio_reactor, bio_reprocessing_facilities, bureaucratic_complex, capital, chemical_plant, citadel_of_faith, class_4_singularity, clinic, clone_vats, colony_shelter, commercial_forum, commercial_megaplex, commercial_zone, communal_housing, corporate_forum, corporate_monument, corporate_site, corporate_vault, crude_huts, crystal_mines, crystal_plant, crystal_plant_2, deployment_post, dimensional_fabricator, drone_megastorage, drone_storage, empyrean_shrine, energy_grid, energy_nexus, executive_retreat, expanded_warren, factory_1, factory_2, factory_3, fe_dome, fe_stronghold, fe_xeno_zoo, food_conglomerate, food_processing_facility, fortress, foundry_1, foundry_2, foundry_3, galactic_stock_exchange, gas_extractors, great_pyramid, hab_capital, hab_major_capital, hall_judgment, heritage_site, hive_capital, hive_cluster, hive_confluence, hive_major_capital, hive_node, hive_warren, holo_theatres, holotemple, hospital, hydroponics_farm, hyper_entertainment_forum, hypercomms_forum, illicit_research_labs, institute, junkheap, luxury_residence, machine_assembly_plant, machine_capital, machine_major_capital, machine_system_capital, maintenance_depot, major_capital, master_archive, military_academy, mineral_purification_hub, mineral_purification_plant, ministry_production, mote_harvesters, nanite_transmuter, nano_forge, network_junction, noble_estates, nourishment_center, nuumismatic_shrine, organic_paradise, organic_sanctuary, overseer_homes, paradise_dome, pirate_haven, planetary_shield_generator, precinct_house, primitive_capital, primitive_dwellings, primitive_factory, primitive_farm, primitive_mine, primitive_power_plant, private_mining_consortium, private_research_initiative, private_shipyards, processing_center, production_center, psi_corps, public_relations_office, refinery, research_lab_1, research_lab_2, research_lab_3, resort_capital, resort_major_capital, resource_silo, robot_assembly_plant, sacred_nexus, sentinel_posts, slave_capital, slave_huts, slave_major_capital, slave_processing, smuggling_rings, spawning_pool, stone_palace, stronghold, supercomputer, syndicate_outreach_office, system_capital, system_conflux, temple, temple_of_prosperity, underground_chemists, underground_clubs, uplink_node, urban_dwellings, virtual_entertainment_studios, waste_reprocessing_center, wildcat_miners, wrecking_yards, xeno_tourism_agency, xeno_zoo. 2.2k. Species, Leader, Empire and Pop IDs however are defined when the game is created and have to be found with the debugtooltipcommand. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article. Some static modifiers are hard-coded to be called by the engine. Modifies the penalty that X has on empire size. Increases or decreases trust growth of an AI empire. collateral_damage, damage, disengage_chance, experience_gain, morale_damage, starting_experience. Modifies organic pops' happiness (excludes lithoids and machines), betharian_power_plant, crystal_mines, gas_extractors, mote_harvesters xeno_zoo. tons of mini events around the modifiers. Jun 11, 2004 2.145 679. Anomaly modifiers can only be added by random anomalies. Here are some commands to help alleviate that. You can cancel the modifier if you wish as well. Planet modifiers can be strong and provide a strategic choice when it comes to planets. Static modifiers consist of modifier statements and additional fields. Finishing it removes the modifier and has a 25% chance to add the, Empire gains a special project. Modifies the build speed of megastructures. 0. Modifies the resource cost/upkeep of leaders. The mod uses events to change the existing planets when a game starts. Stellaris – Console Commands for Adding Resources to Planets. starbase_defensive_war_ship_build_speed_mult, [1-9]_cat, AST_CLUSTER_CAT, AST_CRATER_CAT, AST_DEBRIS_FIELD_1_CAT, ast_debris_field_1_cat_2, AST_GEAR_CAT, AST_ILLICIT_DARK_CAT, AST_MINING_CAT, AST_SHRINE_1_CAT, AST_WAVELENGTHS_1_CAT, asteroid_uninhabitable_category, ATM_ANOMALY_CAT, atomic_clock_cat, BAR_COLONY_CAT, BARR_BASE_CAT, battle_uninhabitable_category, beacon_uninhabitable_category, cargo_gasgiant_category, COLD_RESEARCH_CAT, collision_asteroid_category, CON_BIOLOGY_CAT, CONT_SIGNS_CAT, corrupt_data_cat, crashed_ship_asteroid_category, CRYSTAL_MANUFACTORY_CAT, cybrex_1_cat, cybrex_2_cat, cybrex_3_cat, cybrex_4_cat, cybrex_5_cat, cybrex_6_cat, cybrex_7_cat, cybrex_8_cat, cybrex_9_cat, cybrex_10_cat, cybrex_11_cat, debris_asteroid_category, debris_gasgiant_category, debris_gasgiant_category_temp, DES_BURIED_CAT, DES_PLANET_CAT, DIMENSIONAL_POCKET_CAT, diplomacy_volatile_motes_upkeep_mult, disco_alien_machine_cat, disco_breathing_rift_cat, disco_gray_cat, disco_impossible_organism_cat, disco_molluscoid_miners_cat, disco_speed_demon_cat, disco_stranded_scientist_cat, disco_trojan_asteroid_cat, DISTAR_BRAINSLUG_CAT, DISTAR_CLONE_CAT, DISTAR_COLLAPSE_CAT, DISTAR_DEAD_GOD_CAT, DISTAR_DIAMOND_CAT, DISTAR_ELECTRO_CAT, DISTAR_EXO_CAT, DISTAR_FLARE_CAT, DISTAR_FLOW_CAT, DISTAR_FLYTRAP_CAT, DISTAR_FOES_CAT, DISTAR_GEODE_CAT, DISTAR_HOLO_CAT, DISTAR_ICE_CAT, DISTAR_LIVING_CAT, DISTAR_LOST_CAT, DISTAR_MED_CAT, DISTAR_MEDGAS_CAT, DISTAR_MERCURY_CAT, DISTAR_METAL_CAT, DISTAR_MOLTEN_CAT, DISTAR_NANO_CAT, DISTAR_NANOCITY_CAT, DISTAR_NANOSAND_CAT, DISTAR_OCEAN_CAT, DISTAR_PHASE_CAT, DISTAR_POD_CAT, DISTAR_PUZZLE_CAT, DISTAR_RAINBOW_CAT, DISTAR_RAT_CAT, DISTAR_ROBO_CAT, DISTAR_RUM_CAT, DISTAR_SIGNAL_CAT, DISTAR_SOOTHE_CAT, DISTAR_SOOTHE_GC_CAT, DISTAR_SOY_CAT, DISTAR_THIRSTY_CAT, DISTAR_TIME_CAT, DISTAR_WARFORM_CAT, DISTAR_WRECK_CAT, DISTAR_ZONE_CAT, emissions_asteroid_category, energy_uninhabitable_category, FEN_HABBANIS, FRBR_GRIMACING_CAT, FROZ_BASE2_CAT, FROZ_BASE_CAT, FROZ_BOX_CAT, FROZ_ILLUMINATED_CAT, GAEA_CHECKERED_CAT, GAIA_MOVE_CAT, gaia_planet_cat, GAIA_RECORD_CAT, GAS_CLOUDY_CAT, GAS_ZRO_ICE_CAT, GEN_ABANDONED_SHIP_CAT, GEN_DERELICT_SHIP_CAT, GEN_DESERT_CAT, GEN_LOST_CARGO_CAT, GEN_MYSTICAL_CAT, GEN_OLD_WAR_CAT, GEN_PLAYGROUND_CAT, HAB_CORN_CAT, HAB_MAT_CAT, hatch_asteroid_category, HBL_LUSH_PLANET_1_CAT, HBL_MUSIC_1_CAT, HOLE_RADIATION_CAT, impact_uninhabitable_category, inhabited_toxic_category, IRASSIA, irassian_1_cat, irassian_2_cat, irassian_3_cat, irassian_4_cat, irassian_5_cat, irassian_6_cat, irassian_7_cat, irassian_8_cat, irassian_9_cat, irassian_10_cat, irassian_11_cat, irregular_energy_cat, league_1_cat, league_2_cat, league_3_cat, league_4_cat, league_5_cat, league_6_cat, league_7_cat, league_8_cat, league_9_cat, league_10_cat, league_11_cat, league_12_cat, league_13_cat, league_14_cat, LEVELED_CAT, life_asteroid_category, life_barren_category, life_frozen_category, life_gasgiant_category, life_toxic_category, living_metal_category, MOLTEN_BASE_CAT, moon_cat, moon_gasgiant_category, mountain_uninhabitable_category, NUKE_PLANET_CAT, object_gasgiant_category, object_uninhabitable_category, origin_asteroid_category, peculiar_patterns_cat, PROJ_MOON_CAT, SEA_CAT, ship_gasgiant_category, shipyard_uninhabitable_category, signal_gasgiant_category, signal_uninhabitable_category, sol_wasteland_category, solar_uninhabitable_category, star_lifting_category, station_asteroid_category station_uninhabitable_category, stolen_ship_cat, storms_gasgiant_category, SUN_RAYS_CAT SUN_TEAPOT_CAT terminal_gasgiant_category_cat terraforming_candidate_category_cat time_loop_world_cat, tomb_world_cat, TOX_MAT_CAT, TOX_PLANET_CAT, TOX_PURPLE_RAIN_CAT, TOX_STRUCTURES_CAT, transmitter_cat, TROP_BIOLOGY_CAT TROP_CONDITIONS_CAT, TROP_PETS_CAT, TROP_WOODS_CAT, TUTORIAL_CAT UHB_ANCIENT_CAT, UHB_ANCIENT_RUINS_1_CAT, UHB_BUOY_CAT, UPLIFT_ARCTIC_CAT, UPLIFT_ARID_CAT, UPLIFT_CAT_CAT, UPLIFT_CONTINENTAL_CAT, UPLIFT_DESERT_CAT, UPLIFT_GENERIC_CAT, UPLIFT_OCEAN_CAT, UPLIFT_ROACHOID_CAT, UPLIFT_SNAKEOID_CAT, UPLIFT_TROPICAL_CAT, UPLIFT_TUNDRA_CAT, vultaum_[1-11], VULTAUMAR, WAT_PLANET_CAT, writing_uninhabitable_category, yuht, YUHTAAN.