PGD for Gender Selection, When Dreams Come True

//PGD for Gender Selection, When Dreams Come True

PGD for Gender Selection, When Dreams Come True

PGD for Gender Selection was the last thing Sarah had in mind when she delivered the second baby boy 6 years ago. She wanted to scream that she wanted a baby girl! And that is what she wants to do now, trying to get a cute daughter.

Actually, Sarah is not a kind of demanding person and she is always grateful for whatever she has achieved in her life. She has a good career, a great husband and two lovely sons of 10 and 6. She has all what a woman could dream of, except, a baby girl. It is not really an urgent need, neither is it a must, but when she walks along the mall corridors where there are the lines of baby shops she often gets stunned. She often stops for some minutes and watches those pink baby dresses and shoes, then she starts to feel that something is missing in her life, someone in the house to share the same interest. Don’t get mistaken, her husband is a great cook and the two boys seem to be kind enough to help with the housework and other stuffs.

But she just thinks that later none of the boys will be with her at the beauty salon to do the manicure and pedicure or to share news updates about the latest Hermes bags and stuffs. It’s not that simple probably, but she just cannot explain her desire. She just needs a girl, and then she convinced herself once again that she really wants a baby girl. So, after long discussions, debates and thoughts, Sarah and her husband decided to take the IVF program to get a female baby and in less than a year, a pink room full with girly accessories is ready to welcome the baby. Thanks to PGD for Gender Selection.

PGD for Gender Selection is not a new thing for Sarah as some of her friends and colleagues managed to get a baby of desired sex using this method. She has been familiar with this Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis in general yet unsure if this method will be successful. But once she and her husband decided to take it, she started learning and tried to get information and eventually got what she has always wanted, a baby girl.

What to Keep in Mind before Taking PGD for Gender Selection?

There are indeed several things to consider before taking the PGD for Gender Selection to make sure that you are not just wasting money and energy. Despite its popularity in a several countries like in the US and some European countries, this family balancing method is considered illegal in some other parts of the world. There have been pros and contras so it is good to be well-informed before starting the treatment.

1. Where to take the Treatments

Even though PGD for Gender Selection is included into an advanced practice in medical field where only exceptionally skillful doctors can perform this, there is always the best doctor among those exerts. Choosing the best clinics with the best personnel will determine the success of the treatment. Furthermore, not many countries approve this medical practice so finding the country where it is legal is very wise. North Cyrus can be a good option to undergo the program as it is legal there and there are quite a lot of reliable clinics that promise good results.

2. The fee of the treatment

For couples who desperately want a baby girl or a baby boy, the cost wouldn’t be a problem but still, it is good to rethink whether it is worth the cost. In average, PGD for Gender Selection in North Cyprus will cost you thousands of dollars so it is really important for the couples to have a serious talk to avoid problems later on. Most couples spend quite a lot of money because they will also need to pay for the accommodation and more things.

3. Social Values and Consequences

The next thing to bear in mind is whether this practice of choosing the baby’s gender is acceptable in the community where the couple live or not. Choosing the sex of the baby, although it is definitely the parents’ right, is considered illegal in some countries and not accepted by certain communities so it can raise a problem later on, for both parents and the baby. Though it does not sound critical but couples will have to be really determined and ready for any social consequences if this practice is considered against the social values where they live in.

PGD for Gender Selection is a good way for family balancing and again, it is the couples’ right to do it. It has a high success and gives almost 100% assurances to guarantee the desired sex. People who want to get a specific sex can rely on this practice. However, it should be kept in mind that there are many things to consider before undergoing this program to make the dream come true.

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