IVF with ICSI – 9 August 2013

//IVF with ICSI – 9 August 2013

IVF with ICSI – 9 August 2013

9 August 2013


Well we are back in the uk and its hot and sunny which is surprising but lovely. No way near as hot as Cyprus though (thank god)!

Anyway R and I wanted to say THANK YOU so much to both of you and Dr F. Doing IVF in Cyprus has been so stress free nothing like our experiences in the UK clinics we have previously used

Whatever the outcome I’d always be happy to talk/ email people in the uk who are unsure. I never read anything but good feedback about the clinic and I can only agree.

Thank you sooooo much

S and R ( who have their fingers crossed!)

P.s Umit. The big jab didnt hurt but 3 days 4 days later my bum muscle still aches! Can’t wait to see my nurse later for jab no 2!!!

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