IVF Treatments in North Cyprus

//IVF Treatments in North Cyprus

IVF Treatments in North Cyprus

It has been over than 20 years for North Cyprus to carry out IVF treatments to help patients who have infertility problems. Besides that, fertility experts and specialists in the country also work hard to make more innovations and developments in this extremely urgent medical area. The world has approved that so far IVF treatment is the last yet effective effort to overcome infertility problems due to various factors such as endometriosis, both males and females infertilities, blocked fallopian tube, low sperm quality and amount, over-aged female to get pregnant, and many other unexplained factors. To be successful in doing IVF treatments, it requires healthy sperm and eggs to fertilize, and reliable and well- conditioned uterus to carry out the pregnancy. If either the sperm or the egg is not in healthy and good condition, the conception will fail and there will not be any pregnancies.

– Reasons why you need to have IVF treatment in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is one of European countries which have a special concern towards people having infertility problems. Doctors, specialists and many respected experts in this country have worked hard to develop such modern and effective treatments for fertility and infertility problems. They do not only improve and focus on the treatments, but they also give counseling, assistance and guidance to the patients to reduce uneasiness and anxiety in their attempts to bring a baby home. All staff, doctors and specialists of fertility treatments have totally put their dedication to provide very high quality and comprehensive care to the patients. They will find the infertility problems and give accurate diagnosis to select the appropriate treatments to solve the problems. It is the best choice to pay a visit in this reputable place to have superb facilities in having a baby. Its great reputation in coping with fertility and infertility problems has been acknowledged by the medical experts around the world. The success rates on the IVF treatments in this country are quite high as well, and there are lots of couples happily announce their being successful in having a baby after doing IVF treatments in North Cyprus.

– Main steps to take before doing IVF treatments

a. Firstly, having enough information about IVF treatment programs is a must thing to do. The reason is that joining IVF treatments is an overwhelming and energy consuming towards those who agree to do the program. So by understanding what it takes in the program will make the patients well prepared of what they will experience.

b. Once the decision is set, contacting the appropriate clinic is the next step to do. Then a series of examinations, tests, diagnosis and consultation will be scheduled and done to find out the right treatments for the patients. This is important to be accurate in deciding the treatment for each patient since every individual or patient has different problem due to fertility.

c. The next stage is the patients will get some series of medication, especially for the females, to prepare them to be ready for the embryo transfer.

d. After the medication stage is done, the retrieval process awaits to execute. The eggs and the sperm will be taken from the donors.

e. Retrieval will be done if the eggs are completely developed. Then the fertilization process for both the eggs and sperm is ready to do. The process must be done in an appropriate laboratory because it needs a sterile area for the fertilization. It needs 48-72 hours to get the embryo that will be placed in the patient’s uterus. Yet, patients must wait for 3-4 days for the implantation of the embryo.

f. More or less 12 days after the implantation, the patients will need to do some blood tests to monitor the development of the embryo in the uterus. For a pregnant woman, their hormone of pregnancy, known as beta hCG, usually raises into higher level. If the level of hCG is 25 mIU/ml, the woman is considered pregnant, between 5-25 mIU/ml then she may be pregnant. But if the level is lower than 5 mIU/ml, it means that the woman is not pregnant.

g. Always keep in mind that women over 42 years old will have smaller chance to get pregnant because their age is nearly menopause age. It means their level of fertility is lower than those who are younger. The ideal ages to do this treatment is about 23-39 years old, since their reproduction systems and their fertility are still in the high level and they are considered healthy.

– Assistance and counseling for the patients

As we know that the IVF program takes much time and energy, it is important to give special assistance and counseling to the patients to make them feel free of stress and they can enjoy the tiring progress to get a baby. In North Cyprus, doctors are fully responsible to their patients from the very beginning of the program until the program gives satisfying result, that is A BABY to bring home…..

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