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Stages of IVF Treatment

The In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) process consists of five main steps: Stimulate eggs, collect mature eggs, collect / obtain sperm, fertilize fertilise eggs in the laboratory , and transfer embryos to the uterus. Prior to any of this starting, however, you need to meet with a local doctor or gynaecologist to have certain fertility tests [...]

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North Cyprus IVF Centre

Having a baby is what married people long to have in their marriage. For some people, establishing a family is not complete yet without the existence of children. However, having a baby is not a simple matter to gain for some certain couples. There are many factors that cause couples find it hard to have [...]

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What is IVF ?

IVF is a popular abbreviation when somebody is talking about having a baby. IVF stand for In Vitro Fertilization. This is a process done out of our body to fertilize a woman’s egg using a man’s sperm. That is what we call “in vitro”. This process is usually conducted as the final fertility treatment when [...]

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IVF Treatments in North Cyprus

It has been over than 20 years for North Cyprus to carry out IVF treatments to help patients who have infertility problems. Besides that, fertility experts and specialists in the country also work hard to make more innovations and developments in this extremely urgent medical area. The world has approved that so far IVF treatment [...]

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The Two Week Wait

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; The courage to change the things I can; And the wisdom to know the difference.” The now infamous phrase “two week wait” refers to the period of time between possible conception and being able to test for pregnancy, i.e. when your period might [...]

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Preparations for IVF Treatment in North Cyprus

IVF on its own takes place relatively swiftly. Egg collection and embryo transfer are not procedures which necessitate a great deal of time in a clinic. However, what many women forget is that IVF requires essentially the same preparation as natural conception. Your body is going to be the incubator of your child – and [...]

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The benefits of a female IVF doctor

Team Miracle at the Dogus IVF clinic for reproductive medicine has an excellent reputation. This highly skilled group of people have worked together very rapidly to establish the clinic as one of excellence in the field of IVF, with a success rate of almost three times that of the UK. They offer multiple choices for [...]

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IVF and the UK : Why so many people are now choosing to conceive abroad ?

IVF is a wonderful thing. The miracle that it provides will always be above and beyond most other medical procedures. This is recognised by the team at the Dogus clinic and it’s why they call themselves “Team Miracle”. Because they are. Sadly though, as well as being this amazing thing, the process of IVF will [...]

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PGD for Gender Selection, When Dreams Come True

PGD for Gender Selection was the last thing Sarah had in mind when she delivered the second baby boy 6 years ago. She wanted to scream that she wanted a baby girl! And that is what she wants to do now, trying to get a cute daughter. Actually, Sarah is not a kind of demanding [...]

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