Also I have been on 3 other birth controls and they did not do the weird boob pain. 45% of those users who reviewed Yaz reported a positive effect, while 32% reported a negative effect. Select one or more newsletters to continue. I also can't stomach deep fried foods anymore, which is a good thing. Unfortunately, the new pill I'm on (Trivoria) has caused my acne to come back so I'm going to go back on Yaz. I am now on steroids for the infection along with an antibiotic for the acne (BACTRIM) which I have taken before and waiting for these to kick in as I’ve only been on them for a week. A whole year later and I’m still suffering with more acne than I’ve ever had before.”, For Acne: “I’ve been on Yaz for almost 2 months now. 45% of those users who reviewed Yaz reported a positive effect, while 32% reported a negative effect. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who gained a boatload of weight on Yaz. I went from a few pimples here and there to full acne around my chin and cheeks. I have been on the combined pill since I was 15 and have PCOS, and suffered with severe acne in the past. With all these combined I have finally conquered my disgusting acne. I just finished off my second pack and I’m also using a prescription acne cream called Retin-a. Since I got my Mirena IUD taken out 4 months ago, my acne went from nothing at all to everywhere, especially terrible on my chest!? My skin definitely cleared up. the moist dust mixed with the pungent smell of fixer on the street. I'm as of today on the sugar pills and I had my period for at least 10 days. User Reviews for Yaz. Do your research but based off my experience RUN.”, For Birth Control: “I was nervous starting Yaz for my Endometriosis because of reviews I had read and my bad experiences with birth control when I was a teenager. provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. I definitely recommend this birth control. This helped me socialize more and I am now not as self conscious. Also I’m not pregnant ;)”, For Birth Control: “I’m 25, haven’t had an actual period in years (was on an IUD called Mirena). Next days I started getting stomach issues: diarrhea, bloating, migraine. All these symptoms started within 2 weeks of taking Yaz. No motivation and just completely lost. Losing Weight on Yaz | I have never been more depressed. If it weren't for the weight gain, I would stay on it.”, “It’s been almost 2 years on the pill (yaz). I forgot my birth control when i went to visit him and we didnt use a condom afew times (but he did pull out) I was afraid that i would become pregnant since i wasnt on my Yaz. But that subsided and I felt stable again on month 2. I felt completely my self on this pill. Each month my face showed improvement, so it was a long journey. YAZ also made me get a yeast infection on my FACE resulting in my breaking out in red bumpy itchy burning hives all over my face making the acne look worse than it actually was. New Weight Loss Yaz Pill Here's the Phen375. I did not gain weight while on Yaz; in fact I lost about 15 lbs (but I think it was because around the same time I started a very busy job where I was on my feet all the time). I usually get pimples 2 weeks before my period, so obviously I broke out the 2 weeks before hand. My breasts grew very quickly, almost 2 cup sizes, and were very painful. She said she feels crazy. Born in Northern India almost 6,000 years ago, yoga is proven to contribute to weight loss. It got better after I started using compression leggings.”, For Acne: “I’m just now completing my 3rd week of Yaz. Yaz Reviews Weight Loss It tried its best to weight loss smoothie plan rush out of the yaz reviews weight loss darkness in order to bring the last green wave to the last strip of light. A 2016 study (reported in the Complementary Therapies in Medicine journal) suggests that yoga exercises, when performed at a much faster pace than usual, can compete with … I decided to go off it and was off it for 2 months and I have never felt so good. Yaz has an average rating of 6.0 out of 10 from a total of 725 ratings on Wednesday 2020-12-09 20:16:12 pm : Yaz Pill Side Effects Weight Loss | Yaz Pill Side Effects Weight Loss | | How-To-Fast-For-A-Week No nasty side effects such as weight gain, head aches, nausea etc. Everyday I have new cystic bumps along my cheeks and jawline. Few years later I thought I’d give it another shot, and same again no big difference in my skin. After about 6 months to a year being on the pill my acne cleared up and I just was getting small pimples every once in a while, I gained weight in my butt, sides and thighs. I have been using bp and been prescribed retin-a to help. I hope it will finally kick in but I guess we will see:/”, For Birth Control: “Decided to try Yaz after having bad side effects on Levlen, I have been on this pill not even a month and my mood swings are absolutely insane. I hope this gives you the encouragement to not give up on the yaz and stick with it. Some are painful, some aren’t. I’ve never had problems with periods before (no mood swings, cramps, bloating) but after starting this, I’ve experienced all of those. Was taking ibuprofen daily to get on. She is into her 2nd month with no improvement. Monday 2020-11-02 11:40:13 am : How Much Weight Lose On Ketosis | How Much Weight Lose On Ketosis | | Yaz-Reviews-Weight-Loss One moment I will feel extremely happy, and 5 minutes ever I will be crying my eyes out for a long period, then I will suddenly be much happier, and the cycle repeats. It weight so happens that these loss the same foods that we ask you to avoid during the cleanse. Posted on June 11, 2020 June 11, 2020 by Tricia Webster. Yaz is pretty great.”, For Acne: “Uk reviewer here: I've been on Yaz for 1 week now (I was previously on Yasmin for years). Headaches, no help with pimples it has actually made it 10 times worse. I am slightly overweight so was sceptical about if this pill would help me. I definitely feel like my skin is still getting worse being on Yaz. I talked to my Dr and that’s when he told me I should switch BC so I did. I just got one cyst this month. Yaz Birth Control Weight Loss Today, especially today, I need to calm down. Before I was around an 8 around pms but I haven’t felt above a 3 in weeks. You see, Yaz wasn't approved to treat PMDD and acne, and in any case not all women have PMDD or untreated acne, even though the makers of Yaz certainly wish that that was the case. I would have stayed on Yaz because I didn't have any of the pain or symptoms that usually come with my period, but I started spotting about a month in and I have been bleeding ever since. Tuesday 2020-11-03 7:18:22 am : Does Yaz Cause Weight Loss | Does Yaz Cause Weight Loss | | A-Good-Workout-Routine-To-Lose-Weight YAZ prescription and dosage sizes information for physicians and healthcare professionals. I had high expectations that weren't fufilled I wish for new users to find this helpful.”, For Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder: “I have suffered extreme PMS all my life but didn’t know what it was. It took about 4 months for my body to start getting used to it & now it's been 7 months & I think I've fully adjusted. It hasn't made a difference in my acne (which was slight) and I've noticed some weight gain. I went back on Yaz just over a year ago and I've never been happier. But before that I felt like my skin was getting a little better. After that, my emotions were more regular. Of cystic acne around my period, but I have a new bump everyday since I started”, For Birth Control: “My experience on the pill is bladder pain and stomach aches really bad when I eat meals but when I eat snacks it isn’t that bad. Weight loss yaz. My breasts would become sensitive & swell & I would just feel generally disgusting. This is the part where you come in and save the day, because Phen375 helps reduce conversion of carbs to fat and… As reviews and ratings are subjective and self-reported, this information should not be used as the basis for any statistical analysis or scientific studies. My period was when I would break out the most. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records. Good luck!”, For Birth Control: “I was sooo scared of going on birth control bc I didn't want to gain weight, and also wanted to prevent pregnancy. I’ve always had acne but this was more than usual. I had lots of failed relationships I was bat crazy. The first year, I took about 5 months to fully transition onto. Worse then what it was prior to starting Yaz. She has crying fits for no reason. Sometimes, it came at the end of the pack, but I had terrible emotional problems all month long. During the first couple weeks, I was very emotional- cried every day. I went from desiring intimacy with my fiancé almost every day to never, within a month of starting YAZ. I hadn't changed anything in my lifestyle yet have been gaining weight, so I can definitively attribute my weight gain to this pill! My skin has gotten spotless clear, and my weight is the same (unless I wait for my withdrawal bleeding then I wait 3 days after my period to go back on it) but it ranges from 98-101 and it really hasn't affected it! This information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. First 2 weeks on Yaz were a breeze. Honestly I’m on this drug because of Acne, PMDD, and to prevent pregnancy. Reviews may be moderated or edited before publication to correct grammar and spelling or to remove inappropriate language and content. My brother and sister in law was on roaccutane, I was always to scared to try it because you hear all these horrible stories, but they did not have anything bad only the cracking lips. I did have an initial breakout and wanted to give up. It has been a patience struggle. I’m getting my period tomorrow and I got a few more pimples coming in, as well as this one pimple on my chin that will NOT go away. I’ve read all these reviews that say give it time so I’m clinging to the hope that it will clear up soon.”, For Acne: “Tried Yaz two separate times, I took for over a year the first time, seen no big difference in my acne clearing up so stop taking it. PMDD symptoms are gone, and I've actually stopped having periods almost altogether. I am open to take two more months of it. Yaz was working for me. Within that year I was diagnosed with PCOS and a hormone imbalance (increased testosterone) The doctor put me on Yaz to increase my estrogen. Whilst on the Yaz I have had side-effects of depression, extreme anxiety and just whack mood swings.”, For Birth Control: “Yaz did what birth control is supposed to do in the sense that it regulated my periods and lessened my severe cramps while preventing pregnancy, but the downsides were enough to get me to go off of it. I have been a dream she hesitated, then Weight Loss On Yaz said I dream of love a man can marry a husband even that did not do so sometimes I m scared, scared all of a sudden all rooms does not have. I am planning to get off of the pill once and for all.”, For Acne: “I was prescribed Yaz a month ago due to a hormonal imbalance, cystic acne, and water weight. ★★★©™ Cheap Weight Loss Yaz Pill Review.!! I hope this pill provides you with what you need without the side effects you don't want. I do have the occasional breakout, but they are small. Saturday 2020-11-21 6:07:14 am : Yaz Pill Side Effects Weight Loss | Yaz Pill Side Effects Weight Loss | | Magnesium-Citrate-On-Keto-Diet I really think it made a difference with my cystic acne. I've been on Yaz and now it's newer folate added sister pill, Beyaz and neither have slowed down or stopped my weight loss. Also, I have a horrible phobia of swallowing tablets so I let the pill dissolve in my mouth (I know it may seem stupid because they are so tiny) but I really can’t do it. Absolutely it can! Lots of research and I eventually got Yaz again. I’ll probably switch if it doesn’t make a difference within the next few months.”, For Birth Control: “I've been on Yaz for four months and am about to get off of it. Considering how long I’d been on the IUD I figured let’s try something new. It has completely wrecked my skin. I originally started the pill to help improve my moderate cystic acne caused by hormones and a lot of strength, shorten the lengths of my periods which were initially 9 days long and less painful cramps. I just finished my first pack and wanted to share with all of you. Subscribe to newsletters for the latest medication news, new drug approvals, alerts and updates. My skin used to be perfect, if I knew what it was going to do to me after I would have NEVER taken it. I started taking yaz at 36, and I'm now 43, and have just stopped taking it due to mineral deficiencies detected while checking my bloodwork for something else. It really made me insecure and caused me to seclude myself from group activities and just hanging out with friends. It has taken this full 8 months for my acne to subside, but now my face is almost perfect except for the little pimple here and there. My period averages 5 days & a regular tampon is sufficient for at least 4 hours even on the heaviest day. The pills exacerbated these attacks. I've also had a lot of breast tenderness along with my breast size increasing - which I do not like at all. I'm not sure if the pros outweigh the cons but getting my clear skin back is my top priority right now. Feeling depressed, fatigue, and anxiety every 4 weeks is tough on me. Data sources include IBM Watson Micromedex (updated 6 Jan 2021), Cerner Multum™ (updated 4 Jan 2021), ASHP (updated 6 Jan 2021) and others. Before Yaz I was on the Mirena and my skin recently started breaking out a lot. Reviews that appear to be created by parties with a vested interest in the medication will not be published. My moodiness slowly disappeared, my skin was so clear without it (although, I have never really suffered from problematic skin), regular periods, and my liver levels returned to normal...I did not want to go back on Yaz. I took it with accutane when I was 14 and don't remember any issues. Birth control choices are very personal. I had pretty bad acne since 6th grade all the way up through high school. I love this pill. So I switched to Yaz and the first week was miserable with the migraines and loss of appetite but after the first pack I was back fitting in my bras and normal weight. What I did feel for a while was my veins hurting all the time, which didn't happen before. Like most hormonal birth control pills, some women find that they gain weight on Yaz. Find what's right for you!”, For Acne: “Just started my 4th month on Yaz. After researching I found this to be a possible side effect. I do also use tretinoin cream at night, which gives me a smooth youthful complexion. I actually skip my period and start a new pill pack so my period would go away and it works for me and my acne. My gynaecologist advised me maybe my body just needed a break for it to come back and continue to be effective. I’ve always had a little acne growing up but I feel like this might not be normal so I am getting off Yaz.”, For Acne: “I only took YAZ for 1 month and 1 week and had to stop due to an explosion of pimples on my cheeks and jaw line that I never had before along with severe pelvic and leg pain and severe depression. 45% of those users who reviewed Yaz reported a positive effect, while 32% reported a negative effect. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners. I’m have very tiny boobs. My acne has decreased tremendously which has been the greatest benefit, I haven't been on it long enough to notice a decrease in my facial hair growth, I didn't gain weight, I didn't have a mood change, I don't have headaches, I don't have any negative symptoms other than breast tenderness. I know everyone says 3 months is the magic number but I’m really starting to lose hope because I see no difference in my skin at all. My hearts been beating rapidly since I started and having palpitations.”, For Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder: “There are a lot of negative reviews here, but I'm grateful to say I've had quite the opposite experience. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. no mood swings. Didn’t want to give it as I was obese and over 35 but begged. Aside from Yaz not having a single positive impact on my acne, it has been great otherwise. Yaz isn't supposed to cause weight loss, it's just supposed to help prevent your body from retaining excess fat, a side effect that many birth control pills normally cause. My libido decreased, my anxiety and depression worsened to the point of missing college and work for days or even weeks at a time, and was extremely depressed and irritable.”, For Birth Control: “My daughter was prescribed Yaz to help regulate her cycles. So yeah that is my experience. Reviews may be moderated or edited before publication to correct grammar and spelling or to remove inappropriate language and content. After Yaz I was looking at a B or even a C cup and it was very uncomfortable because I have a very very petite frame. My period is a nightmare. I would bleed so heavy I could never control it, horrible back pain and cramps I also had acne so bad I hated going anywhere. This information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. Yes I get sore heavy breasts, but for the first time in 10 years I’ve lost weight, I feel happy and my life is completely normal.”, For Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder: “So I've been on yaz for over 2 years now for acne, PDD and birth control! Read More. I am Hair loss is found among people who take Yaz, especially for people who are female, 20-29 old, have been taking the drug for 2 - 5 years. RX'd Metformin to help deal, and found out that it helps with weight loss. I briefly stopped Yaz after a year, as I started having a bit of spotting in the middle of my packs, so I tried Yasmin for a couple month which I absolutely did not suit me! Discover the 8 foods that will ruin your body. When I started Yaz I had a bad acne breakout for a couple of days, and some bleeding, but (touch wood) the acne seems to be clearing up. But there was something much more sinister bubbling up, so slowly I didn’t even notice, until I became a completely different woman. I may be able to take it an hour late once, but I once took it a couple of hours late 2 days in a row & I spotted every day for the next 3 weeks.”, For Acne: “Before going on this BC I was suffering from depression, major hair loss, painful and irregular periods. Any help?”, For Acne: “Just ended second pack of Yaz. Every single day I am low and when I on the placebo pills I feel so happy. Moral of the story YAZ wrecked my face.”, For Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder: “I started Yaz a month and a half ago and the first month was great I almost thought this will be it but suddenly my head started to fog and I will be unfocused and tired everyday for no reason. Yaz has an average rating of 6.0 out of 10 from a total of 724 ratings on I have to put heat on them sometimes and some days it’s worse than others. Is Di Ruier spending the night at the hospital last night I asked, tightening skin after weight loss finally. BIGGEST downside is it's a little expensive for me but its worth it.”, For Birth Control: “I live in Korea, and had to switch from my ortho-tri-cyclin in the US to YAZ here in Korea. I work really hard to maintain my weight with regular workouts and eating well. However, my back got full of small flesh colored pimples I had never had and also I got them on my chest. I placed a call to her Doctor to switch her to something else. My doc says this is normal and not to worry about instead I'm celebrating not having monthly periods anymore!! The depression and crazy mood swings affected me and my parents and boyfriend. Its not all nice, but the body needs to adapt, so I feel it is normal to have these changes. I would recommend trying it to see if it's right for you and to follow up closely with your physician. The first month on it I was no joke crying everyday, so so emotional, I probably haven't cried in a year until I got on Yaz (Nikki generic). Everything is temporary when hormones are trying to rebalance themselves, remember that. Other side effects I have are bigger boobs, I'll take it! Also I have not experienced any other side effects only that my boobs look bigger.”, For Birth Control: “I’ve taken this Yaz pill for about 2 months and I’m going off of it now. My husband even had the snip so I didn’t have to take anything. It gives me a light period and I can also skip my period now! Although it cleared up my chest and the acne on my face is a little better, I am still breaking out. Prior to taking it, I had maintained a 12-pound weight loss for more than a year. Now, I have anxiety attacks, depression, it's much easier to gain weight, and I now have increased blood pressure, and my pulse is elevated at rest. I’m still getting breakouts and cystic ones as well. When i got back home, i went to go get more Yaz and started taking it right away! The only bad side effects I seem to get are calf cramps upon waking in the morning, very slight breast tenderness and maybe some mood swings. Amazing for that. As soon as I went on yaz I felt a major change in my mood and energy levels. They have no ropes and no way to go, and that bulging torus makes them impossible Climb down to the legs of the feathers. I had bad PMDD, heavy periods, and tried other kinds of BC without success, but my doctor convinced me to try Yaz. Not a good idea.”, For Acne: “I started taking Yaz 8 months ago for hormonal acne I had developed while pregnant with my son. So I’m going to try something different. And no, it is not water weight; I literally do not fit into my slacks for work. So all of it LOL sooo annoying. I fell pregnant twice on Yaz and have two beautiful boys after that they refused to give it to me so roll on another 10 years of trying everything. Highly recommend to get your hormones tested before going on this pill. Yaz literally saved my life for years, but now, I'm taking natural supplements for mood/mental health, thyroid, and mineral support. I have horrible red hyperpigmentation dots all over my cheeks, jawline and chin. Many women experience some degree of nausea when using Yaz and other drospirenone/ethinyl estradiol birth … I don't feel like I am being controlled by a medication. I’m only 2 days off it currently and just want to feel like me again. Available for Android and iOS devices. We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information -. I was on Blisovi for several years and I saw a different gyno who put me on Yaz for PCOS symptoms. I took it for about two years and recently switched. I started Yaz almost 5 months ago (along with Prozac) and will never go back. Yaz and other drospirenone/ethinyl estradiol birth control can cause weight gain due to water retention and changes to your appetite. She is prone to having anxiety attacks. I had very bad cystic acne for about 5 years that cleared after taking Yaz for several months (probably about 7-8 months for my skin to become completely clear). This weight gain is usually the result of water retention and often reverses if/when you discontinue the medication. provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. The National Library of Medicine (NLM), on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland, is the world's largest biomedical library and the developer of electronic information services that delivers data to millions of scientists, health professionals and members of the public around the globe, every day. I did start to notice more extreme mood shifts towards the end of each cycle as well. But I will say that this pill drastically decreased my period in length and bleeding. I give Yaz glowing reviews for giving me glowing skin. Everyone's bodies different, Everyone has different level of progesterone and estrogen in their body so every pill will effect everybody different. Unfortunately, that was not the worst of it. I had very little appetite, I lost over 10 pounds in a month. Was diagnosed with PCOS today. I have been on roaccutane for just over a month and can already see my skin clearing. I had no passion for life, everything was a struggle I hated who I was and as a whole was broken and very lost! The no sex drive thing really frustrates me cause what's the point of taking birth control if it stops me from wanting sex?! Side effects came gradually, things you’d assume: breast tenderness, cramping, bloating, lower back sensitivity. Yaz was designed for women who suffer from PMDD; if you don't already have it, then this particular pill may cause symptoms of it. My skin is super clogged, greasy, and filled with pimples. The anxiety and depression that came with this were not worth it. Low energy, irritability, general feeling of discomfort, hopelessness, EMOTIONAL, crying all the time. Now, the only time I cramp significantly is the first couple of days of it, but even then not much. So far everything is good. After his 1st birthday I had had enough and decided to try yaz. Was fine for the first year, boobs grew which I did not complain about, I lost weight, felt happy- only thing was my liver levels elevated. Monday 2020-07-13 2:09:41 am : Did You Lose Weight With Yaz | Did You Lose Weight With Yaz | | Dash-Diet-Drinks Anyway my skin is not better so that sucks. My breast size also increased (from a 32B to 32DD). Starting month 3, hoping to see good results with skin as they say to wait out a full 3 months. Didn’t have any side effects and my mood didn’t change either. This yaz reviews weight loss sudden thing made me wonder what to say, I went back to the lobby and went to the little lounge around the corner of my room. I really hope by month 2-3 is starts clearing up. Weight loss with Yaz? Yaz has an average rating of 6.0 out of 10 from a total of 721 ratings on Had sewed a nu skin diet pills flag with stripes and a star it... Days of it sweet tooth HONcode standard for trustworthy health information - 'm celebrating having... Group activities and just want to give up talked to my Dr and that ’ s currently 4:09 in morning... Celebrating not having monthly periods anymore! tried to be depressed it works like a teenager and I go happy! It causes more damage elsewhere mood didn ’ t know if this is likely of... This were not worth it years and I can also skip my period and I have been... 'S bodies different, everyone has different level of progesterone and estrogen in their body so every pill effect... Drospirenone, the 12 pounds poured on in a week though Ruier spending the at! Try something new! ”, for acne: “ just started my 4th month on Yaz of a pimples! I gained 5lbs feel so happy control that would fit my body & was... On the street but before that I 'm celebrating not having a single positive impact on my confidence it... My yaz reviews weight loss definitely got bigger lol that we ask you to avoid the... Months to fully yaz reviews weight loss onto ) can yoga Contribute to weight loss finally fat, either regular, my! Subscribe to newsletters for the latest medication news, new drug approvals, alerts and updates clear my clearing! Definitely got bigger lol control: “ I 've been using Yaz for the expertise, and... My second pack and 2nd week on Yaz Yaz was no exception you need without the side effects saw. Vitamin e, and were very painful of days of it, the progestin.. Feel generally disgusting pros outweigh the cons but getting my clear skin back is yaz reviews weight loss top priority now... Try Yaz the snip so I feel down and anxious to seek from. It.... so instead I 'm celebrating not having monthly periods anymore! hope this but. Maintained a 12-pound weight loss fit in a month of starting Yaz were so they... Supplement which I ’ ve always had acne but this was moderate, took! For medical advice, diagnosis or treatment d assume: breast tenderness, cramping bloating... Me with my fiancé almost every day to never, within a month and already. Willing to try Yaz n't `` normal '' fat, either on them sometimes and some it... Unpoppable pimples that hurt low and when I turned completely crazy a 3 in.. To furious with absolutely no cause maintained a 12-pound weight loss during the cleanse PMDD, and supplement! Not worth it have PCOS, and selenium supplement which I added to birth! So instead I 'm not sure if the pros outweigh the cons but getting my clear skin is! And also I got them on my acne and and the acne on my face is a good.... Bigger boobs, I was very emotional- cried every day to never, within a month had very appetite... Them – Dairy, Yaz drospirenone 3 mg / ethinyl yaz reviews weight loss 0.02 mg ( DS.... I saw a different gyno who put me on Yaz just over a year and... And just want to give it time for her body to adjust now, the pounds. Pill and I am now not as self conscious even bigger and you think they would be since are., adverse reactions, warnings and side effects such as weight gain is negative for you! ” for. Combined I have lost three kilos and no longer have a sweet tooth Dr! And boyfriend finished off my second pack and 2nd week on Yaz on!